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Sailung : A hidden land of wonders in Dolakha

  • Sailung
  • 01-4486273, 9841562921
  • 3 days


Whenever someone will ask me about the strangest yet most beautiful landscape in Nepal, our answer is going to be Sailung of Dolakha currently. Yes, the beautiful rolling hillocks at the high altitude and 360 degrees panaromic views of mountains all around, this place is really a mesmerizing experience. More than a visit, this place is an experience. Experience of wilderness, a unique landscape, beautiful people, and the lovely rhododendron forests. we got to visit Sailung during the peak period of spring season, so there were rhododendron of variable colors blooming all around. The dewdrops on the heavenly meadows were still frozen. The hibernating animals were trying to peek out of their places, Everything seemed like it was on a verge of new beginning, our heart will on a verge of new beginning too. Beginning of a new experience, like every trip does to everyone.


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